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On March 30, 1990, Doreen Marfeo disappeared from her Johnston, Rhode Island, home never to be seen again. The local police are convinced that she had been murdered by her husband, though they have never been able to prove it . Her husband is recently deceased and no confession of wrongdoing was forthcoming before his death.

A body has never been found and identified as Doreen Marfeo. There are some who still hope that she is alive and well, undoubtedly elsewhere in the country or, perhaps, overseas. This page is for those who hope that somebody somewhere will recognize her and send email saying that she is still alive.  

Vital Statistics  

Height 5 foot 7 inches
Weight (In 1990) 115 pounds
Hair Color Medium Brown
Eye Color Green
Skin Color Pale white with freckles
Date of Birth July 7, 1955
Birth Name Doreen Ann Dobson
Distinguishing Marks Large Chicken Pock mark on front of one calf
Other One of front teeth is capped
  Has terrible allergies sometimes with throat swelling
  Distinguishing Massachusetts accent

If there is anybody out there who recognizes this woman, it would be appreciated if you would drop a confidential message to We don't want details. We'd just like to know if she's alive or dead. And if you would, tell her about this page.

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